PLUS Magazine was created in 2007 in response to a tremendous need for a high quality free weekly publication for the Polish-American community in New Jersey. Since 2010, Magazine PLUS expanded to the New York area.

PLUS is the ONLY Polish weekly publication that is FREE to the consumer and is printed in FULL color. The Magazine is distributed in areas of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where the population of Polish speaking residents is very high.

The best way to get an access to the constantly growing Polish community is to place your advertisement with the Polish Weekly Magazine PLUS.

Why advertise in PLUS?

Below are the advantages of advertising in PLUS: 

  • High circulation 

  • Weekly distribution and guaranteed delivery 

  • Strong and loyal readership 

  • Advertising value 

  • Extensive marketing service and support 

  • Competitive pricing.

Tri-State area

We deliver weekly over 22,000 magazines to hundreds locations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania such as legal firms, medical offices, grocery stores, delis, beauty salons, banks, travel agencies and book stores. You will find PLUS in all Polish speaking communities.

PLUS’s circulation oscillates 10,000 copies in New York and 12,000 copies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania weekly.

Other marketing tools

PLUS offers additional marketing products including:

  • Inserts

  • Coupons 

  • Annual calendar

  • Online advertising
  • PLUS Annual Festival

To achieve access to the Polish ethnic group, advertise with the Polish Weekly Magazine PLUS.

Please contact one of our account executives at 973-928-3838 for a media kit or e-mail us at



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